Thursday, April 26, 2012

What to say

Well, I am at a point where I am just curious about the status of today's society.

I have been getting a deluge of one sentance inquiries without names again, and I really wonder if this is as common place as it is seeming to be.

Honestly, it does rub me a bit wrong, but I also admit that I am somewhat of a Grammar Nazi. Common courtesies within writings are something that I try my best to keep alive, including title, structure and a signature.

And of course, because I am fighting a losing battle, I feel like I am just getting old and crotchety.

I would like to point out that in the world of annoyances, it really isn't that big of a deal. But when I cannot answer the questions that people are asking because of the lack of information from the original party, I have a really difficult time with it.

How am I supposed to answer something like this?

"how much duz it weig?"

It? What "it" are we talking about?

And does is not that hard to spell... and spellcheck is a wonderful tool!

THIS is what I get that I can't figure out how people can send... And of course, if I don't answer it to the expectation of the sender within a reasonable amount of time, I am the bad guy.

Because of something like this, I have horrible customer service and do not answer any e-mails ever!

.... Yeah

How am I supposed to answer that without sounding snarky? I try, and I ask for as much clarification as I can in a professional manner. That is what I do at my Full-Time job as well.. Customer service is something I feel comes second-hand to me, but not when the customer isn't helpful in allowing me to be helpful.

I know how to ask the right questions, but when I don't get responses, I can't be expected to still know what this person is asking.

Am I wrong in this? Am I the only one who feels this way? What do I SAY???

I get more and more frustrated the more often I get these.

I guess I really am just old and crotchety. 

"Get with the times, Wong..."

Pretty soon it will be no vowels and text message terminology within e-mails (oh wait! It already happens!) as being common-place and standard, and acceptable.

And that makes me sad...

I'm going to go hide with my dictionary and Strunk and White now.

Have a great day, my friends!

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Jackie said...


So, I reposted my babies a month ago? And the first transaction was a total breeze: he inquired, dropped $$$ in my paypal account, I shipped that girl to him the next day, she arrived safe and sound. Pleasure doing business with you, sir! Hope to again soon!

...and since then I've had people e-mail about the remaining girl, asking:

1.) what are the odds on a 66% het (um, about 66%?)

2.) if I can pair her with a male I haven't got (no) or better yet, with her 100% father (WHAT? NO)

3.) why she's only 330 grams when their 2011s are already 700 grams (????)

4.) low-balling and asking for me to switch her to live rats before shipping on Monday and then not actually paying

5.) low-balling, not paying, and then sending me another illegible e-mail asking if I'll sell them the parents (...seriously, what?)


What part of Serious Inquiries Only isn't communicating here? I'm considering making it "Serious Inquiries Only, [censored]"