Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Clutch #6

This female has been with me for a few years now, and I am so glad to see this clutch. This female I got as a Pastel possible het Pied back in the day, and she is finally ready to prove herself this season.

So what, pray tell, did I breed her to?

Well, the Mojave Pied, of course. 

Fingers crossed that she proves, but of course, even if she doesn't, I get some sweet Pastave het Pieds out of it...

Five eggs, not too shabby for a first time breeder. I hope that she manages better in the next few seasons, but she will get some time off to grow anyway, so it's all good.

So here's to more eggs very soon! I don't expect any in the next few days, but things are rocking and rolling, so maybe early next week?

Yes indeed.

Have a great day, my friends!


Mindy VT said...

Yayyyyyyy can't wait until these guys come out. I bet they are amazing!! :)

Anonymous said...

nice clutch! u see that pic on the bush league breeders forum of the 800g female that laid 5 eggs in a 12qt??? thats insane

OC Balls said...

Good Luck!
Can't wait to see what hatches...