Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Assist Feeding, What Makes What and Why: Pastel

Well, we've had a few questions and requests, and I think I can manage to get a few of them answered.

First let us discuss Assist Feeding:

Assist Feeding is helping feed an animal that is not feeding well on its own. This came up recently only due to a particular baby that had been having feeding issues.

I only assist feed when after a few weeks of attempted live and on its own feedings, it does not take, and it is getting visibly skinny.

I take a prekilled food item that is smaller than usual offerings. I then place the head of the food item inside the mouth, up to the shoulders, so that the snake cannot remove it from its mouth, and it will, in theory, just begin to swallow it.

Take care not to shove or jam the food prey in there too roughly, or to block any breathing ability.

I do not do this often with any animal, but when it comes down to tiny babies that appear to be wasting away, I would rather make this attempt than let the animal starve to death.

So there is that portion of todays lecture. Hope that was helpful!

As for What makes What? This is going to be a long and drawn out section, only because we don't know all of what makes what!

I will try and make it as clear and concise as I can, but know this: There is no complete answer, as we are all still trying to figure it all out!

As for the Why? I don't think I can answer that...

I'm beginning with Pastels, as they are the basic Morph everyone seems to have and love (for the most part). To save my own sanity, I am only doing double combos.

Pastel x Pastel = Super Pastel
Pastel x Spider = Bumblebee
Pastel x Pinstripe = LemonBlast
Pastel x Sable = Mud Ball
Pastel x Mojave = Pastave or Motel
Pastel x Lesser = Pastel Lesser
Pastel x Butter = Paster Butter
Pastel x Het Russo = Pastel Het Russo
Pastel x Cinnamon = Pewter
Pastel x Black Pastel = Black Pewter
Pastel x Enchi = Enchi Pastel
Pastel x Yellowbelly = Pastel Yellowbelly
Pastel x Het Red Axanthic = Pastel Het Red Axanthic
Pastel x Fire = Firefly
Pastel x Sulfur = Pastel Sulfur
Pastel x Champagne = Pastel Champagne
Pastel x Chocolate = Pastel Chocolate
Pastel x Vanilla = Pastel Vanilla
Pastel x Woma = Pastel Woma
Pastel x Mystic = Pastel Mystic
Pastel x Spotnose = Pastel Spotnose
Pastel x Calico = Pastel Calico

And the Recessives, which we are going to make hets for the recessive trait so that the visual will be actually feasible.

Pastel (het Albino) x Albino = Pastel Albino
Pastel (het Pied) x Pied = Pastel Pied
Pastel (het G Stripe) x Genetic Stripe = Pastel Genetic Stripe
Pastel (het Axanthic) x Axanthic = Pastel Axanthic
Pastel (het Ghost) x Ghost = Pastel Ghost
Pastel (het Clown) x Clown = Pastel Clown
Pastel (het Lavendar Albino) x Lavendar Albino = Pastel Lavendar Albino
Pastel (het Caramel Albino) x Caramel Albino = Pastel Caramel Albino
Pastel (het Ultramel) x Ultramel = Pastel Ultramel
Pastel (het Tri-Stripe) x Tri-Stripe = Pastel Tri-Stripe

Now this is not by any means a complete list.

It more than likely won't ever be.

If I forgot one, let me know, and I will add it to the list. This way, I can do the other lists much easier.

I hope this helps, and any other questions, I'll be happy to answer!


Jackie M. said...

See, I call them "lavender glows" and "caramel glows". And POGs.

Heather Wong said...

Glows refer to the Hypo aspect of a combo... So if you are talking Caramel Glow, you'd be saying Caramel Hypo. Same with the Lavendar.

Glow = Ghost :)

Krystal said...

Thanks for the assist-feeding information! I'm kind of afraid of doing it myself, but it's something that needs to be done now and then....

Is that a picture of a regular ol' pastel or a combo? It's beautiful either way!

phunkyone said...

so if a pastel x lesser x spider gets a queen bee and the others as well............

what is a pin x lesser x pastel?

then what if you add a cinny to the mix..........