Friday, September 20, 2013

Getting ready for Anahiem

Belly Shot- Vanilla Sulfur
So I have done NARBC Anahiem for the past five years, and it is one of my favorites in California. Granted, there are a TON of Ball Pythons, it is just a big venue with lots of cool stuff and cool people. It also has a great vibe, and the auctions on Saturday are always the most fun!

I always say that I will get around the show and take pictures, but usually what ends up happening is that I get stuck behind the booth talking to people.

And that is what I love to do anyway, so it's all good!

I hope to be able to get out and wander a bit, since I have notably been absent from the community by way of not knowing what the newest morphs are, what the plans are for breedings, etc...

Enchi Butter Spider
With the happenstance of my Enchi Butter Pewter, I hope to be able to shed some light on my slight doubt of its genetics. These shows tend to help, as a conglomeration of Ball Python Breeders and opinions allow for easier discussions and display.
Enchi Butter Pastel

I am prepping the boxes, folding up the shirts, and getting ready to see everyone tomorrow. I am pretty darn excited for this year, and I can't really put my finger on why. I expect it to be a great show, and have lots of fun things to see.

Enchi Pewter
If not, at least I get to see some smiling faces that I don't see often, and meet new people that I haven't met before.

Mention your reading the blog, my friend, and you will get a free shirt of your choice.

Bring on the good times.

Have a great NARBC weekend, my friends!

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