Friday, September 13, 2013


So it's been a while since I have talked about it, but getting bit SUCKS.

The breeder male rack has been a bane on my limbs for the last few weeks. I'm not sure what is going on, but I have been bitten (and wrapped!) by two different males from the same rack in the last month.

This one happened last night, and the Pastel Het Clown didn't get to wrap me, but he got close. He let go, and then saw the more appealing and delicious rat that had been placed in his tub not two seconds earlier.

He got me on my vein in the joint of my thumb. I can't bend it well right now, and it HURTS.

Stupid boys all hungry and junk. Can't be patient... Grumble grumble..

And please note that this is due to my snakes lunging out of the tub and striking the first thing that they see that is warm... even though the rat is in the tub, it is behind their line of sight. Ergo, Heather gets bit, not the rat.


Well, the rat does get bit, just after I shed a few milliliters of blood. I'd rather that then get constricted to death.


The Butter Enchi and Spinnerblast to Pewter clutch shed out.

I love that there is so much variation in here... It's lovely.

Here is what I believe to be a Pastel Butter Cinnamon Enchi.

Now that it shed out, I think I'm pretty on target.

Here he is next to his sibling Pewter Enchi.

And next to his sibling Pastel Enchi and Pewter Enchi.


Is it a first? I'm not sure. (But sure a first for me!)

He's pretty sweet though.

I'm pretty excited about him. 

As a side note, we are preparing for the NARBC Anahiem Show. I hope you can all make it out and say hello! I will have the new shirts available, and if you mention the blog, you get a free shirt! (As long as you rock it at the show...)

I will make a few more reminders here and there.

Also, greetings to my Facebook friends! Welcome to the dark side, where I actually do more than just post up things for sale and random photos.. (although there are random photos..)

Have a great weekend, my friends.

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