Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Hatchings, and WHAATTT???

So this clutch hatched out in its entirety on Tuesday, and I am very intrigued about the outcome.

This is the Mystery Males to Pewter (Cinnamon x Pastel) female.

So now I know who the Daddies are.

I have to say, I'm rather surprised, to be honest.

I don't recall throwing the Spinnerblast in there for any real amount of time.

It only takes a minute, eh?

So in that minute, I got 1.1 Spinnerblasts out of the mix. The photo didn't turn out too well, but you can see them. There they are.

And then there were these....

 I do remember putting the Butter Enchi het Hypo into the mix, so this wasn't as much of a surprise.

What was a surprise was that EVERYTHING ELSE IS MALE....

Above, we have a Pewter Enchi, a Pastel Enchi, and what I believe to be a Butter Enchi Pewter. 
In comparing the Pewter Enchi to the other, it's pretty clear cut to be something different, at least a Cinnamon Butter Enchi. 

I plan on taking some comparison shots of the possible Butter Enchi Pewter with last years Pastel Butter Enchi to make sure, but they both need to shed first.

I LOVE the way he glows...

And below, we have the "remnants" of the Pewter influence.

Super Pastel, Cinnamon, and Pewter. 

So there you have it, folks. 

I also got a Genetic Stripe female to lay for me this weekend. She was bred to the Pastel Genetic Stripe. 

The available page is being updated with stuff, and I am slowly getting back into the swing of things. I am still in classes, but on my own schedule (YAY ONLINE CLASSES!), so it allows me much more time to do what I need to do in the appropriate time frame.

 So here I am, more to come, stay tuned, etc....

Have a great day, my friends.

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