Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Things we deal with (AFF)

So in the last Het Red Axanthic clutch, I hatched out this special little Gargoyle girl.

The rest of her clutch was fine, and the first thing I noticed was the slight kink in her neck.

The second thing I noticed was that she had a truncated snout and large eyes.

She, to me, looked like the snake version of Down Syndrome. It would be interesting to see if this were true, although other than the physical symptoms, I have nothing to base this on (I would love to see if it is chromosomal, however).

I was captivated, as I'm sure she will survive, although I have a sneaking suspicion she is blind.

Her eye as of last night has welled up with fluid, and I will be working to remove it with my Vet.

She responds well, has tongue flicks at appropriate times, although is slightly less responsive due to being blind than most baby snakes I deal with. 

Beyond the fact that she looks different, I am really amazed by how such slight variations of the facial structure and so forth leave an animal looking so different.

Bringing it back home to humanity as a reference point, we are all a little different. This girl is too. She deserves all the best, and she will get it.

I am planning on giving her a chance, hopefully seeing that she can thrive, and then see where we go from there.

Will she be a part of the breeding program?


But she will be a trophy animal in the collection until I can find someone who loves her for her differences as much as I do.

I was thinking about calling her AFF, after Andrea Fay Friedman, one of my favorite actresses with DS. Learn more about her here:

Again, this is the type of things we as breeders deal with. I personally don't like putting animals down that have a fighting chance.

What about you?

Have a great day, my friends.


Breanna Hunt said...

OMG she is absolutely stunning! I love a snake with...I don't want to call them defects but more that they are special traits that make her all the more beautiful! Congrats on her!

Will you be repeating the pairing in hopes of an animal that you can breed?

Heather Wong said...

Breanna, she has two sisters that are quality breeders. They will be available, as I have females from seasons past that are of the same morph. I will put some up to show the growth and comparison.