Monday, September 9, 2013

Proving things out

So once upon a time, I got a Lesser Yellowbelly Black Pewter male from a good friend of mine, and it was said that it was possible het Clown.

I was super stoked, as I love to play with the possible hets. I am one of THOSE people..

So I put the male with a Het Clown I had....

Fast forward to Sunday, and things are pipping out.

I ended up with not being able to prove him out, since there were only four eggs. 

But of course, I end up proving him out to be able to produce Normals, although this one is 50% possible het Clown.

I ended up with a Black Pastel Lesser Male, Black Pastel female, Normal female and this thing (all 50% possible het Clown)

I only say this thing because I am not 100% sure what all the genes are in this animal...

I am thinking it is another Yellowbelly Black Pewter Lesser, but I can't see the Yellowbelly that significantly at this point..

Any way you slice it, she is staying here.

Of course, two to three years from now, I can try and prove her out as well to be Het Clown.

Fingers crossed.. That would BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Never give up on possible hets (unless they are like 0.5% possible het... That would be worth giving up on...)

Fun fun fun times!

Have a great week, my friends.

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