Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It happens to the best of us

So I was in the snake room, and I was just planning on taking some pictures. I snapped a few, and then thought, "Hmmmm... Let me double check some of my holdbacks to see if they are ready."

Really, it was to double check to make sure males were males and females were females... I recently had a run in with a mis-sexed animal that I only checked once or twice that went from "female" to MALE for sure. (Right, Lola?)

NOTE: I quadruple and quintuple check the animals I have available for sale.
I do NOT do so for the animals I hold back. I see one I want, check it once, put it aside.

Holdback.. Sexed female... Maybe I should go back and check?
This is probably not the best way to do things, but I've been spot on so far (plus they are pretty and I get to look at them for a while). But I am also human. (DAMN YOU, HUMANITY!!! -fist shake at the sky-)

I've never claimed to be always right. Never will...

Anyway, I decided to check a few more.

I was going on 100%... until this guy popped up.

I held it back as a female. Apparently, it had a gender change and is now a male.

The quandary is double here, as there is a possibility this guy is Yellowbelly.. But I kept it back as a Super Pastel Lesser (possible Yellowbelly). 

I would like to point out that no matter what it is, it is AWESOME.  

Crazy bright yellows, the cool white butterfly head pattern, the fact that it hates my guts....

Well, the last part not so much, but still awesome overall.

 This is one of those things that leave me debating back and forth about what to do.
I can keep him, breed him, see what happens and stuff...


I can sell him to someone lucky out there and let them play with him.

Quandries abound.

I may just put him on the table at Anahiem and see what happens.

This guy will be on the table as well. Sulfur Mojave for the WIN!

Speaking of which, there are now THREE types of shirts to choose from, and all will be available at Anaheim.  

There was a misprint on the black ones, and now the logo is on the back of the shirt instead of the front. There will be a white logo over the heart in the front. 


Let me know if you want one, and we will make arrangements.

Until then, have a fantastic day, my friends.


Erik Veach said...

How dare you be human. :P I recall a special Black Pewter who decided to change genders as well. :P

Heather Wong said...

LOL. Yeah...
Quadruple check for the win.