Friday, September 27, 2013


So it's time for Sacramento, and this is the farthest show that Heather's Herps actually does.

I know, it's still in California... but it takes us around 7 hours to get there, which in comparison, is like driving from Florida to South Carolina, or Delaware to Massachusetts. I'm traversing states here!

And it can be said that Northern and Southern California are different states in their own right. They absolutely have different vibes...

Anyway, I digress.

Photo credit goes to my very talented High School Classmate, Todd Sipes. Click the photo to be taken to his site.

I always enjoy going up north, as I was born and raised in San Francisco, and am a Northern Cali girl by heart. Hippy lovey dovey Greenpeace stuff I actually do enjoy. I like plants and walking thru the redwood forests, I enjoy the wineries and the various types of cold weather SF offers. Even though the Golden Gate Bridge has never been golden, I drive over it often with a sense of pride.


And yes, it can be said that Sacramento is not quite as hippy-like as the San Fran crowd, but it is still Nor Cal, and I love it.

The Oldtown Downtown is quaint, and it is just a pretty city, albeit very warm in the summer months.

I'm just looking foward to getting out and about and meeting new people.

I have been told that several people that have been past customers, and people I talk to thru e-mail or Facebook will be there. I am really looking forward to putting faces to names!

Here we go, my friends. Have a great weekend. I know I will!

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