Monday, October 11, 2010

Final clutch (maybe) hatched out!

Well, my friends, as you can see, my available page is still not up.

I suck. I'm sorry. Actually, I don't suck, my internet service provider sucks.

But I was told this should all be fixed by Monday night.

Alright. Last chance...

Anyway, the final clutch that I had in the incubator has hatched, and I produced a Pewter Het Red!

This is not a first, as Howard Ross produced them a month before I did...

But that's alright, people. I have this guy to show for my breedings, and I am excited!

They look somewhat like Sterlings, to a point, but the pattern is off (similar to that of Chipo), and the colors I hope stay bright! We shall see.

I am glad to have him in the fold, but of course, he is a male... I have a bunch of Male holdbacks this year.


The rest of the clutch consisted of

1.1 Pastel het Reds
2.2 Pewters
1.0 Pewter het Red

I just installed florescent lighting in the snake room to see better, but I don't think it does much for the photography of the snakes. They look greyer in the photos, kinda... I'll play with it and see what I can come up with.

Anyway, also, here is a new guy to the fold, pretty ridiculously hot, and I am very pleased to have him here.

Meet Bunchi, the Butter Enchi.

He is also het Hypo, so I'm in line to make some Hypo stuff happen with this guy too! Not sure how, not sure when, but it can and will happen eventually.

Yay for planning ahead!


Anyway, that is all for now, until everything has settled down a bit more. The incubator is temporarily off, as I am expecting two poss het Pied females to lay any day now, but I feel some slugs, so I'm not expecting much.

Until then, we can count this season as temporarily on pause... a repreive so to speak. So now all I have to do is clean, feed, water and photograph instead of also worrying about eggs.


Have a fantastic day, my friends.

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