Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mystics versus Mojaves versus Specials

Here we go, Rex!

Mojave on the top, Mystic on the bottom.

Mystics are darker, just overall more "normal" looking, with blushing and floating heads similar to those of the Mojaves.

Mojaves are cleaner, lighter in overall color without any black, and more blushing and flames than the Mystics usually carry.

Overall, if you've heard that Mystics are low grade Mojaves, that is somewhat correct.

Now you can see for yourself.

And Mystics versus Specials... Special on top, Mystic on the bottom.

Similar pattern, but Specials are lighter, with more blushing. Flames are similar, and that is something to look for in both morphs, but mostly the coloration. Lighter!

So there you go, my friends.

I realize that my Mystic isn't the perfect example of the morph, or this would be a bit better of an educational tool. Give me another year.

Have a great day, my friends!

P.S... KODY'S EXPO!!! this weekend, my friends. Hope to see you there!


rex said...

Thanks H! Have you tried a mystic x special combo?

Heather Wong said...

No sir, just got my Mystic this year. I may try it next year or so.. not sure yet :)