Thursday, October 7, 2010

Prepping for the next season

Man, oh man...

I am trying to get things in order for the beginnings of next season, and this season isn't even over yet!

I am feeling a bit spread thin, especially since my lifeline (aka my internet) is still out at the house.



Alright. That's enough bitching for today.

I am currently trying to feed some of the tougher feeders to get them at least in line for the next season. Problem feeders are just that... problems.

And my absolute last resort is to change feeder types.

I hate that I have to even consider it, but there are some animals in the collection that are picky, and one in particular, a Het Pied female that only ate mice for a while, ate rats, laid eggs, and now will not touch rats.... is driving me bonkers.

Bonkers because I don't like giving in. I'd rather her eat rats, but she'd rather eat mice, more than likely. I have yet to offer it to her, but I am almost 100% sure she will eat them.

Next week, if she doesn't eat a rat, she will get a mouse, then a rat doused in mouse.

How does one mouse douse?

As gross as it sounds, dirty mouse bedding. Put them in a bag with dirty mouse bedding, "shake and bake" (another movie reference, but in this case, shake it up), and place in the tub. The longer the rat is in the bedding, the more likely it will work.

But overall, getting animals to eat for the season ahead is very important, and necessary. Fat and happy makes for better breeding.

So I am working on it. Some animals are not cooperating, as I had said before, but that's alright. We have another few weeks to get them going.

Until then, my friends... Have a great day!

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Chris R said...

So very true. Picky eaters are the most frustrating thing I've found to deal with. Good luck with yours.