Friday, October 22, 2010

Some 2010 babies

 I have had a bit more time to relax, granted without my internet still...
But I have been trying to take it easy by taking pictures.

So I have been taking a lot of them.

Above is one of the Silver Bullet girls I hatched out. I absolutely love her speckling of black, and because yesterday I shared with you Lucky, the male that is a year old, I am curious how this gal will turn out as well.

This gal here is my Spinner female. The only one I hatched out, and who was actually having some feeding issues earlier, but now is a chowhound.

 I absolutely love Spinners for their pattern. I honestly can say they are one of the morphs I like the best.

Of course, Bumblebees don't look too bad either. I really like this one, and she is so clean and beautiful. And she decided to be shy in the picture as well.

And combine the Spinner with the Bumblebee? You could get this guy, the Spinnerblast.
Again, I am in love...

And last, but most certainly not least, the Pastel Super Mojave. I need to get a Super Mojave to put next to this guy to do some education on the subject, as some people can't seem to figure it out, and it is a subtle difference.

And the colors are as true as I could get them. See the yellow stripe down the back, and the faintly light grey head? And of course, blue eyes.

Gotta love them.

So with everything for you to enjoy, I hope you have a fantastic weekend, my friends.

We shall return with a photo journal of sorts. Be prepared!

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Jackie M. said...

ooo, didn't realize you made a spinner blast this year.

... still can't get over Lucky. He's CRAZY.