Friday, October 8, 2010

Well, Isn't that Special...

I am on a ROLL with these movie and TV quotes, my friends. I'm quite proud of myself.
Anything to intigrate current day (although not so current day by SNL standards) social commentary into my blogs...

What the heck are you talking about, Heather?

"Well, Isn't that Special...." - The Church Lady

I loved that skit. Dana Carvey, you were funny once.

I digress.

This is what you guys have ALL BEEN WAITING FOR, and although I have touched on this before in past blogs, current events are current events, and yes, I must share with you what you have asked for. Such is my duty, my friends...

Here is a Special. Just a plain jane Special. Base morph, combine it with stuff to make more stuff.

They are rather normal looking, although they are not, when placed next to a normal.

Click here for a past blog on the topic.

As the other blog touches on, the Special morph is a very subtle morph. It is easier to see what you are looking for when you notice the small things. Granitey pattern, lighter coloration, bright flames up the sides, and a general interesting look to them.

And as they grow, it gets less obvious, but still significant.

Here is my breeder female. If I told you she was a normal, you would believe me, right? Yeah... it's like that. Subtle. She is generally lighter than my normals, and maybe in the next few days she will have a blog dedicated to her and other morphs next to her.

But there you go, my friends. There you go!

I hope that helps, and if you have any specific questions, feel free to post them up and I will answer them accordingly.

Have a fantastic weekend, my friends.


Anonymous said...

I love all the special/crystal stuff. I wonder what would happen if you paired up a special with a mystic??? Mystic crystals???? I think that would pop!

Heather Wong said...

Mystic Crystals were just recently done by Anthony McCain. I will see if I can ask to borrow his pics to share on here :) They are pretty neat, darker than the Crystals.

Jackie M. said...

Man! If you were to post that snake on and ask if it's morph, you KNOW 90% of the people would very authoritatively assure you that it was just a very busy normal with some extra blushing.

(Are the eyes lighter than normal?)

Jackie M. said...


(Just wanna get that out there.)

Chris R said...

Are the bellies on your specials any different than a normal? Any certain characteristics with the black dots?

Heather Wong said...

Chris, Check out the previous blog, and there are pictures of bellies. :)

Spots are not really something I pay attention to. It seems more about the coloration and the flames.