Monday, October 18, 2010

Post Show Report was a success! It happened, people came, snakes were purchased. For a first time show on a weekend that was coinciding with a marathon run in the same area and another competing show a few towns over, it didn't do too badly.

Here I am with The Joel at our table, that was flanked by a Time Share booth (not sure why they were there) and another small time reptile company just starting out.

The Tiger was there again from the exotic animal rescue, but I never got away to get a picture.

But I did get a picture with someone I admire greatly.

The star of Pit Boss, the show on Discovery Network, Shorty Rossi was there.

Of course the camera cut off Hercules's head, but he was a total sweetheart.

I was really pleased to have had a chance to meet him.

And of course, I didn't get to go around much (I tended to my booth for the most part) but I did get to see this guy that was brought on display for a lecture they were giving about venomous reptiles.

As deadly as this snake is, I love the Rhino Vipers. They are GORGEOUS.

I apologize for not having more photos of the show, as it was slower, but I had a lot of talking and hanging out to do, which did not allow for much time for photos. I took the camera, but didn't use it at all.

So, I hope you forgive me. I hope to have my available page up tomorrow, as we are getting service to the house again. I really appreciate those of you out there that have been so patient with me. Thank you.

Lets get this weekend into gear, my friends. Have a fantastic day!

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Chris said...

Awesome looking display Heather. Glad you had some success at the show. What kind of markers do you use to write on your display cases? I assume they are erasable but I haven't been able to find any around my area.