Friday, October 29, 2010


Hey, guys, guess what????


So guess what I did???

I got myself a snake.

I shared this gal with you yesterday, but I'm going into more depth today.

This is my gal, with no name, that is a Super Fire Super Mojave (in shed).

How do I know what she is? Well, I don't know for sure until I breed her, but my friend produced her from breeding two Fire Mojaves together, and produced several weird looking leucistics. He produced two gals that look like this one, and it was assumed it was a Super Fire Super Mojave.

Now again, nothing is guaranteed, but she is going to be bred out to see what exactly she is. It is surely a Super Fire (as she has black eyes with red pupils), and she should have at least one portion of Mojave in her, so I'm not worried.

It is very hard to get photos of her eyes, as I am not the best photographer, but I tried.

 You can see that she has a faint yellow stripe down her spine, as well as some very faint pattern on her sides, indicative of mojave-ness. 

With that being said, she is a goldmine for my projects, and I am super stoked to have her here with me (even if she is less than the Super Mojave Super Fire she is supposed to be).

So YAY, and have a fantastic Heather's Birthday DAY today, and a fantastic weekend!


rex said...

Happy birthday H! It's time to party!

Jackie M. said...

Happy Heatherversary!

Krystal said...

Happy Birthday!!! And congrats on the awesome present! :D I hope she proves out!

Wooo! \o/

Robert Dempsey said...

Happy Birthday and thanks!