Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Clutch 35!

Whew! All the Albino stuff is coming together in a group. This gal is a Het Albino bred to an Albino. Simple enough, and yet five eggs in and we shall see if there are some visuals in the clutch. Fingers crossed! I'm pretty sure this female is a proven female, but hey... You can never be too careful.

So yeah, there are five eggs in there. You can't see them (AGAIN) in this photo, because I was tired and didn't get the exact angle to get all of the eggs in line.

No worries, I know its there.

Anyway, random photo time!

This gal is my Pied het Hypo that I hatched out this season.

I can't wait to plug her in with her father, the Hypo het Pied... But until then, I have another female I hope to see if I can prove.

Double recessives are a tough project, my friends. Don't mock the prices on these. It takes a LONG time to get them.

I'm already kicking myself about the Snows... I am considering just giving in and buying one. We shall see what happens this year and if I should or not.

There are a lot of what-ifs again, and I'm trying to get myself to sit down and focus while hatching and having fun.

.... Soon enough....

Have a great day, my friends!

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