Thursday, August 18, 2011

Constantly Changing

I am always of a mindset that is constantly changing.

Not opinions, mind you... but plans.

And one cannot plan well ones life, as things are constantly changing in the environment that make you think twice about the plans that you have had.

Thus, we come to the center of the reason why this comes up.


Priorities are no longer priorities... Other things become more important to catch up on, things become more interesting, less interesting, and the collection changes to fit that need.

I am in a conundrum and with many issues in life, snake purchasing and plans are at the forefront right now.

Why? I should be worried about "real life", aka school, wedding, work... etc.

Sure, those things are important, and like many things, are an all encompassing stresses in themselves.

So I choose to stress on things that can be solved.

Like, what should I pick up this season without spending everything I have earned and still make a reasonable decision for the upcoming seasons?

How much is too much in terms of spending versus trading?

What can I manage to scrounge up that will be worth it to me in the long run?

Should I sell something that I produced so that I can get something that I can't produce yet?

How long should I wait until I just give in and buy the animal that I have been planning to produce/need over the long haul in projects?

Who do I bug about helping me decide?

Can I trust myself to make the right decision?


And it goes on and on and on, my friends.

I have spoken on this many times before, but tonight it has really come to head. I am not sure what the best move for me and my collection is, and there are so many things that can be/should be done.

So, what to do?

Well, I consult other breeders and close friends. I determine what I am willing to spend and try not to go overboard on it.

I promised myself and Joel that I would only purchase a few minor things this year. (But what is minor?)

And of course, while scouring the classifieds, I see things that fit my projects that I hadn't even considered needing this year, which of course, puts me into a Frenzy of Want.

Being in a Frenzy of Want is not a good thing...

It is hard to step back, especially right now when things are hatching left and right.

For me, it is the realization that I have a lot already, and that really... all I need is... _________.

That blank was left blank for a reason.

I don't REALLY need anything. I can go about my season next year and do reasonably well with it.
But as a breeder, and as many of you all well know, being a breeder is not only breeding, but improving your stock.

So in the sea of morphs, where to focus?

That is something I have to delve deep to figure out for myself. And then hold on for dear life.

I have yet to do it.

I hope you all out there have a better grasp than I do. But know that if there is a WANT out there that I can help you with, I would love to do so. I feel your pain.

Have a great day, my friends.


Chelsea Dawn Boocks said...

I know how you feel. Instead of focusing on work and class, I just keep looking over animals, trying to decide what to do just to get our breeding off the ground now that we've lost our het. pied breeder male and breeder female. Can't make babies when all you have left is another baby. I must say I've learned a hard lesson on who to trust with my animals if I ever have to leave again. Only my mom will do from here on out.

Anonymous said...

personally i think it's great to acquire new animals and keep "improving" the collection, but at the same time i give alot of respect to those who refine their collections "from within"- meaning they keep their best and improve their projects over the years without creating new projects. they become "well known" for a specific project or certain high quality morphs. a great example is brian gundy (he's on youtube) he produces some of the nicest blushing mojaves and consistently sells his for $500-600ea when others just mass produce low quality ones and cant even move them at 250 each. i think line breeding takes alot of patience and determination