Monday, August 29, 2011

Clutch 37 and pictures

This weekend has been very busy, but I got to see a clutch I have been waiting on for a long time! My only Genetic Stripe female that I bred this season finally laid her eggs, and I am very glad to see them!

She was bred to the Pastel Super Mojave, so I look forward to seeing some Mojaves and Pastel Mojaves het Genetic Stripe. Fingers crossed for a lot of Pastel Mojaves!

I am excited to see this clutch! I am hoping for a few late clutches as well, so that this isn't the last one...

And of course, I promised some photos, and I thought these pictures would be a good start to the week. These two females look similar, but they are not.

To the left, the Pastel Mojave Spider female. On the right, the Pastel Lesser Spider female.

Just one gene difference, and they look so different!

Considering Lessers and Mojaves do very similar things, I am surprised how different these guys look, and wanted to take a comparison shot. Of course, the Queenbee (Pastel Lesser Spider) decided she was not interested, and kept trying to bite the camera, but I got the general concept with this photo.

And the Stingerbees shed out, so I took some photos of them as well. To the left, an Enchi, the middle are the Stingerbees, and the right is the Spider. I really like how they look now, and I will be taking some photos individually soon.

I look forward to sharing more random photos soon as well!

Have a great week, my friends!

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