Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I've been scrambling this week to get a few things done, including get into my final classes I need to get into my Masters program. So of course, I get home late, and there is very little time for snakes or snake related activities other than checking the gravid females, watering the babies, and going to sleep.

So with that being said, I am sharing some older photos, most of which were done by my father when he was out here last.

I fully intend to have more time during the week to accomplish more snake related informative blogs, but today is not the day for that, my friends. I need to get my self in gear and get acclimated to the current goings on in my soon to be school life, on top of working full time and doing this snake thing.

I wish I had more hours in the day.

But this gives me a chance to share with you the awesome photos my Dad took of my collection, which surprisingly he is more interested in than I gave him credit for.

Did I expect him to take these photos? No way, man.

Did I expect him to ask about the morphs specifically and want to learn the names? No way...

So this is a gracious dedication to my patrimonial parental unit, and his interest in my interest.

And of course the cool photos he took of my critters.

Fashion forward and forward thinking, eh?
I love it.

While I pulled snakes for him to photograph, I have to appreciate the fact that he does indeed have an eye for nice pictures.

Now I gotta go in the snake room and try and upstage him, my friends....

Any requests?

Have a fantastic day, my friends!

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Don Wong said...

Thanks for the gracious comments; hang in there. Love, Dad