Monday, August 1, 2011

Clutch 33

HAPPY NEW MONTH! (Rabbit Rabbit)

Well, this weekend was actually a clutch weekend (much to my surprise), so I will touch on all of your suggestions thru out the rest of the week!


This is clutch 33, and this is my largest proven het Caramel female. I have been creating a bunch of Caramels, and this gal laid 8 great eggs hopefully with many quality Caramels inside.

A few of the eggs didn't have much veining, so I am crossing my fingers that all eight are viable. They looked good and healthy, however, so we shall see!

The clutch laying is slowing down significantly, and this season looks to be a bunch of clutches now and a few stragglers in the next month. So of course, that is part of the reason why I asked for suggestions for the blog. I got a few golden ones!!! Thanks again, people, for helping this blog and being interactive!

I went out this weekend with the girls, did some stuff, saw some things, but had the camera when we were walking thru a very pretty area. So here are some random photos of a Koi pond that we walked thru. I hope you enjoy them.

Sometimes, simple things are the best things.

Koi are a fascinating breed of fish as well. SO MANY COLORS!

Ball Pythons and Koi... awesome variety of colors.

I'd love to have a Koi pond.

Anyway, have a great day, my friends!

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