Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Clutch 34: Hmmmmm

Welcome to the world, Clutch 34!

This is a clutch in which I have some regrets...

Why, do you ask? Well... I am fairly certain that the Spider het Axanthic is NOT a het Albino, so now I am not going to get my Albino Spiders out of this clutch.

But, of course, how would I have known? And maybe, JUST MAYYYBE... He is a Het and I hadn't hit on it yet.

So my fingers are crossed, but not super crossed.

Five chances. Let's see what happens in a couple months, eh?

Oh! Yesterday and today things finished hatching.

Here is clutch 17, Pee-Oh-Gee to Het Ghost. Apparently, it was not to be with this pairing in more ways than one. 3.0 Het Ghosts, 0.1 Pastel het Ghost.


And another ouch, this time more painful. My Lemonblast to Pastel clutch went partially bad, and only three eggs made it thru.  Of course, I end up with a Normal male. But... in the end:

1.0 Normal, 0.1 Super Pastel, 0.1 Lemonblast

I love the way the Super and the Lemonblast look. Here's to some growth and progress to see how they look in a month.

While waiting for cool new babies to pip out in a few days, I took some fun pictures of what I have here at the collection.

Here we have one of my Spotnose females. I have no idea what I plan to do with her, but I know that it's going to be AWESOME when she is ready. We have another year or so, so the wheels aren't quite turning yet, but... we shall see.

And this girl is my Bumblebee het Hypo female from last year. I know that she will be going to something Hypo, but I am not sure what I want to do with her either. 

Seems to be a trend? Yes, well... I keep what I know will be great to have, and figure out what to breed to them when they are ready.

So now I have to get a something something het Hypo and something that would be great to work with the Spotnose.


What do you guys think?

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Anonymous said...

id breed that spot to a pastel yb them spotnose pastel ybs are insane look almost like granite jag carpets