Monday, March 26, 2012


Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a fail.

I have so much on my plate that the blog has taken a backseat, and I apologize.

I have much to talk about, but it will have to be tomorrow.

I promise :)

Have a great day, my friends.


Mindy V. said...

Life happens Heather. WE all know how that one goes. :) *hugs*

Eventide said...

What Mindy said. :-] No worries!

I have a couple rather specific questions that'll probably seem a little goofy: (1) Do you have any website recommendations for making business cards (and/or any other business card-related advice)? (2) My breeding business is just me--I don't have anyone to help during reptile shows and such--so I'm a little worried about when I have to leave my table for a short period of time (bathroom breaks, etc.). Are people usually pretty friendly when it comes to watching someone else's table briefly? Anything else that might be a little difficult with only one person at a table?