Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It has Begun

Yes, I have been slacking.

But on the pre-couple-o-monthiversary of my wedding, I found two clutches of eggs to celebrate the day with!

The first one I found was this gal, a virgin Pastel that I have had for several years. She never bred for me until this year, and I'm kind of disappointed in the results.

She is being a very good mother, of course. So much so that when she was gravid, I didn't really want to bother her, so left her to her own devices in terms of shedding.. Eeewww.

Anyway, she got a good bath after I took her off of the eggs, but much to my dismay, here were the results.

She was bred to a Pastel Butter Spider.

Three good eggs, three slugs. Could be better, could have been worse.

I will take it.

And then I found this gal...

This is my Albino het TSK Axanthic female. I gave her a year off last year, and I'm very glad I did! She gave me three eggs last time I bred her. 

And this time?


She was bred to the Spider het TSK Axanthic ph Albino, so I really hope that he proves to be Het Albino this year.

Last year was a crap shoot.

This year, we will find out for real.

So with that, I bid you a good season if it has started for you already.

We shall be back tomorrow to discuss!

Have a great day, my friends!

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