Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ol' Man Lizard

I went back into some photos again, and found this picture of Ol' Man Lizard.

Let me tell you about Ol' Man Lizard.

I spotted him on a hike in Long Beach. Cameras were out, Ol' Man Lizard was watching, and the photo taking session began.

My father took these photos, and although I saw Ol' Man Lizard first, I think it was appropriate that my Ol' Man took pictures of Ol' Man Lizard.

Mister Lizard never really moved.

He just watched us watching him...

So I began to wonder...

What do reptiles really think about?

They don't have facial expressions really for conveying emotion, and of course, we are all familiar with those basic needs every living creature must have to survive on this planet.

I am not intending to personify or anthropomorphize, per say...

I am just curious.

It's like wondering what your dog is really thinking when you get home.

An intriguing, mind opening thought process...

Especially if the looks the animals give are so open ended.

Ol' Man Lizard really seemed to be related to the Honey Badger.

He just didn't give a shit.

Which in all honesty helped get the photos we did get of him, which I'm pretty proud of. They are pretty cool.

And no, none of the photos are the same. He just really didn't give a shit and didn't move the whole time.

Touche', Ol' Man Lizard...

Have a great day, my friends!

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