Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pastel Mojave and Axanthics

I was looking thru my blog tags to see if I had posted any Pastel Mojaves, and to my shame and dismay, this year, with my pride in hatching the Pastel Super Mojaves, I have been shirking my Pastel Mojave photo taking.

So in my shame, I took a picture of the last available female Pastel Mojave of the season.

She's pretty hot.

And then, I cleaned (well, I was cleaning while taking pictures) and I took out the Pastel Axanthic and I thought to myself... "Heather, you haven't taken many pictures of this girl either..."

So I did.

And then I got to thinking, Axanthics are a pain to photograph, as I mentioned yesterday as well. I like to think I get some good colors out of the photos I do take, although some days are better than others.

Above, however, I think I got the good shades of greys and yellowish tinty-ness in the picture, true to the animal itself.

AND THEN I thought, well hell, I haven't taken any Red Axanthic photos in a while either.

So I pulled this guy out from where he was staying with his girlfriend, and I took a couple shots.
Over the last six months, he has changed a lot in terms of the colors, and he is now officially Red.

He is still Axanthic-like, but not grey at all.

I have intentions of elaborating on this soon with side by side photos.

But in the case of yesterday, I was too busy cleaning to stop and take more photos.

So everyone is clean, feeding day tomorrow, and things are working towards the end goal. I palpated a few females, felt a few follicles, things are on the right track.

Have a great day, my friends.


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