Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What does the Future Bring?

Well, I have no clue.

And I have a feeling you don't know either.

And if you do know, feel free to share with me the winning Lotto numbers for this week, please.
I could use them!
A friend of mine asked me what I wanted to get this upcoming season.

This is always the question, every year.
What do you want to get or acquire for the collection for the future?

Every year, I think on it, I debate with myself...

This year has been especially hard seeing as how I have not really focused on my breedings as much as I would like in terms of what the final outcome for my own personal collection.
Yeah, I'm breeding cool stuff.
But I'm not sure what I am breeding that I want to keep!

And that, my friends, is part of the problem.
All the possibilities of what I am pairing up, expecting, etc...
I am not quite sure what I really want to keep back from all of it. 

There are a few "Duh" animals, like if I hatch out an Axanthic Bumblebee, or if I get a Quintuple female of some kind. 

But even of what I can't create myself, there is very little that I want to get. 

And that is rather sad to me, in a way.
Sure, I could get a Champagne combo male.
An Ultramel would be cool.
A combo Clown male that actually breeds would also be pretty sweet.
I could get a Desert something, but that doesn't appeal as much as it used to.
Bananas are super awesome, but out of the price range for now.

There are very few new gene animals that I feel like I need!
 Maybe I'm just not thinking hard enough about what to add that will be worthwhile.

I need to press pause and really THINK about it.

What about you guys?
What do you want to get this upcoming season?

What does the future bring?

The hell if I know. 

The only thing I know is:

More Snakes
And I am totally 100% fully okay with that.

Have a great day, my friends!


rex said...

A GHI would be sweet!

Chris R said...

I want them all but can afford none.

Mindy V.T. said...

My future brings me 2 gorgeous het pieds! LOL <3 thank you so much Heather! Hopefully then in the distant future i will have some visual pieds to fawn over more than Smeagol fawned over the "ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL!" But eventually I hope to get a super pastel or a Mojave...or both to add to the collection! :D