Monday, March 12, 2012


MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! One less male in the YPBM Club or the
 YPBMC club which is the Yet to be Proven Breeder Male Club (club). 

I think we need to relabel the YPBM Club to be the YTBPM club so it makes more sense...
We will get back to that.

Anyway, I finally caught the Pastel Genetic Stripe actually doing work.

This was a huge relief, because not only have I not seen anything since the beginning, I have also not been sharing many breeding photos, and I FINALLY GOT ONE!

The photos are not clear in terms of actual locks, but I can attest that there was one. 
Even the female went down there to check!

Another male that has been taken off the list but I did not catch a lock on camera is the Pastel Pied. 

Yeah, the guy on the left decided to man up and actually get it on with a few of the ladies.

This is an awesome feeling, because there are a few females I still need to prove that I wanted to use him for. 

Now, I am closer to that goal.

I hope that it actually works, and he isn't just wrapping for fun....

We shall see, shan't we, my friends?

Pastel Recessive males FOR THE WIN!
(or FTW for short)

So hope you had a fantastic weekend, that you are well on your way to being used to the Day Light Savings Time (which I am not), and that you have a fantastic day, my friends!

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