Wednesday, December 5, 2012

And the next day...

So Joel and I put up our Christmas Tree yesterday. It has never been a tradition to get the tree at any particular time, but since I love the smell of pine trees, we decided to get it earlier this year.

Since this is a new house, it was also harder to get things set. I forgot that we had a low ceiling, as the last house had vaulted ones. So 7 feet later, our angel topper almost scrapes the ceiling.

That's alright though. It's still pretty.

After all that hard work and dinner, I went into the snake room to check on the other pairings that I had yet to see locks from.

Here are the best pictures from the 48 hours after pairings. 

The Pewterbee (which I actually forgot to add into the Official Planning Spreadsheet) got the opportunity to work with an awesome Pinstripe female. Of course, they messed the tub, and he isn't quite there yet in terms of lockings, but we are on our way.

Now this pairing was absolutely locked, and I am very excited about this one, although hesitant to get too much so. These are my Double Het Albino Pieds, and I have one more female for this guy this season. I really hope to hatch out an Albino Pied, as so much can be done with that critter... Fingers are quadruple crossed, although the odds are not particularly in my favor, I can still hope! 

This trio I produced back in 2009.. I know they are guaranteed, but now it's up to the odds to be in my favor. 

May the odds always be in your favor, my friends....

(HAH! Movie/Book reference.. NAME IT)

Have a great one!


Jackie said...

Breeding ball pythons is EXACTLY like living in Panem.

Breanna Hunt said...

And let me tell you...I swear the the sperm are just launched into the area to fight to the death for that one little egg. For your sake, I hope the sperm carrying the albino/pied genes live to win the prize: the albino/pied egg. ;)