Thursday, December 27, 2012


So this last day has gone to nothing...

I believe I have gastroenteritis, which is basically the Stomach Flu in lamens terms.


I came home and just stayed in bed (and the bathroom) for the last 18 hours.

So of course, I didn't get much done in the way of Snakes...

But I did get a chance to sleep and clean a little bit.

So here are some photos that I took over the last week that I have yet to share.

I had someone mention on Facebook that the Sulfur Crystal and the Pastel Crystal are similar.

I beg to differ.

The head pattern is much more obvious, but also, as the Sulfur/Fire gene does, it lightens up the morph significantly. 

Can you see the difference?

Sulfur Crystal on the left, Pastel Crystal on the right. 

I think it's pretty nice looking, and gives a better perspective of the slight difference between the two. The problem is that the Sulfur Pastel Crystal and the Sulfur Crystal are much more slightly different even than this.... So of course with age, it will be much more obvious, but until then, I can only make an educated guess.

And here we have a Reduced Pattern Clown female that I picked up this season. I LOVED this animal, and had to have her. I hope that my reduced animals end up being much like her in the future. Here's to awesome Clown stock!

And lastly, a Pastel Pied male. I still have a few available, and I have to say, I'm shocked at how they are not as popular as I had expected... Seems a bit odd, but hey. I know I don't need one for my breeding plans (as I already have one), so maybe other people don't either.

Anyway, I'm off to recover some more. I hope to have more photos to share (hopefully of breedings) for tomorrow. 

Have a great day, my friends!


Anonymous said...

I love the look of crystals! They only get better with age. Will you be vendoring at Pomona? what will you have available

Jackie said...

You know, it's not that they're not popular; it's that they're not that popular at the prices we expect to get for them. (Which is fair enough: it's only one gene more than a pied, and you can get a low-white pied for $500-$600 this year. Which is LOT less money for 2/3 of the genes.)

It makes sense from a buyer's perspective. But it's aggravating from a breeder's perspective, because pastel pieds are so much work to produce.