Friday, December 14, 2012

Solar Flare

So what's the story with the Solar Flare?

Honestly, I am not the best one to tell it.

My friend Tim Johnson of Royal Morphz got a pair of animals from a collection buy out. Early on, they were dubbed "Tequilas". They looked like wierd Yellowbellies, and he bred them together to prove them out.

I had an opportunity with the buy out to pick up the other pair. I didn't really need more yellowbellies, so I only picked up the female. 

It wasn't until Tim got eggs from his pair that I started to think that they could be something else.

To this day, I have still yet to hatch out an Ivory myself, so I just thought they were weird Ivories.

He ended up with a few, I admired them briefly and moved on to my own stuff.

But as they grew, they just kept getting darker and orange-ier.

Tim bred the male to an Ivory to prove out the compatibility, but the eggs went bad.

My female was bred to his male, and I got three eggs out of it. Two Solar Flares and a Flare, all males (of course, right?)...

The photos you see is of one of the males, which has been offered up for sale.

I compared it to the other Yellowbelly stuff out there, and the most similar things that stand out to me are the Puma and the Highway.

I believe that they are similar in terms of the alleles, but obviously present themselves differently.

I look forward to mashing it up with the other stuff, including the Super Stripe and the Paint (which would be cool to see).

It is brand new in terms of the combos being made, so I am really interested to see what will happen with it.

A few people have gotten wind and have gotten involved as well, so this will be a cumulative project within the next few years with what everyone can do with it.

It's exciting to be at the beginnings of a fledgeling project, and to see what can be done with it.

What would you do with this guy? What would you pair him with?

Have a great weekend, my friends!


Jackie said...

I dig 'em.

I would cross them with yellowbellies to check for compatibility. And super stripes and highways. Do they make pumpkin pieds? What do they look like with pastel? The usual yellowbelly allele questions.

But if they really are that much darker... then I want to know what a solar flare spider or solar flare pinstripe looks like. Do you have champagne on hand?

What do solar flare pewters look like? Solar flare cinnies/black pastels?

Jackie said...

Can you post some pictures of the tequilas? How do they compare with the so-called "orange bellies" that produced the ultra ivories?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the background story! I guess it's really hard to appreciate how they look in photos

do you have any ivories to take comparison photos with? Even ivories can have alot of variation but I think the YB complex is amazing! What is your favorite? YB or BEL?

Heather Wong said...

I don't have any Ivories to compare him to at the moment. I hope this upcoming season I'll have more babies to do a comparison shot.

And as for my work with the project, I'm shooting for a few combo things, but the boy I have isn't ready...

Jackie said...

I found one of Tim's posts on the Bush League forums, it includes a comparison to ivories: