Tuesday, December 11, 2012

When is it enough?

Pewter Mojave

Continuing from yesterdays blog, the question came up of "when is enough enough?"

That is an absolutely excellent question.

I have my own answer for that, and the quantity I have now is enough for me to handle.

I'm around 300 animals, and I can safely say that this is pretty much my limit. 

Now this could change if I had a huge facility and many more available resources, but at this point, that is not the case. 

I do this myself, I live and I learn this like you do, and I know that I am at the brink of my capacity.

If I were not working full time, if I were not attempting to get a Masters Degree, if I were not doing so many other things, that number may change. 

But right now, that is it. 

And it is a significant number.

Pastel Spotnose

It absolutely doesn't help things that the farther along we get as Ball Python breeders, with the combinations that are available and attempted, that it is not easy to distinguish combinations of morphs now a days when we get into the quintuple combinations and such.

Part of me is frustrated by that fact, that combinations are starting to look alike, but then again, that is the power of genetics and the fun of it to find something different and awe inspiring.

Silver Bullet
There are arguably "millions" of combinations available to be made, and I really do plan on being in this long enough to see a ten gene animal and to produce one myself. I hope it doesn't just become a random mishmash of randomness, but we shall see.

What do you think your limit is? Can you afford to house/feed/care for your magic number of X animals?

It seems like more and more people are getting fed up, tired and getting out of breeding Ball Pythons as well... I wonder if its a numbers game, or if they were in it for the wrong reasons, or... whatever else.

That may need to be a commentary discussion, as I am not really sure what to think about that either.

Is it the economy? Is it just the lack of consistent excitement? Is it just flaky people getting into it because it was the next big thing?

I don't know.

I just know I'm somewhat patient when it comes to that stuff. I know when the fun starts...

Have a great day, my friends.

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Jackie said...

Lots of people say they are "getting out"... but then you see them later and they are still "in", just with fewer animals. They couldn't let go of the ones they really liked.

And lots of people are just now getting into the hobby, because they can finally afford some of the morphs they always wanted.

Ball pythons are getting a lot more visibility lately. The good kind of visibility.