Monday, December 17, 2012

Paired up and Pastel Vanillas

This weekend was a bunch of holiday stuff and fun goodness, with some snake stuff thrown in.

I did pairings on the 12th, and the only physical evidence of pairing over the weekend was this pair.

This is one of my Het Red Axanthic females with Mister Lucky, the Silver Bullet. I'm shooting for Pastel Gargoyles or Onyxes. (He is a Pastel Cinnamon Black Pastel)

Should be fun! I'm excited to see some eggs and stuff, but here's to getting there.

He is a stud muffin, that's for sure. I'm excited to see some babies from him.

And since I had the camera out when pairing again on Sunday, I decided to take some other photos of holdbacks and animals that I have yet to touch on in the blog.

This here is my Pastel Vanilla.

They are a PAIN to identify, as they are not as obvious to me as the Fires or other lighteners.

I kept back two females that were OBVIOUS, but as I have been informed, they can present themselves very subtly, so... there may have been a Pastel Vanilla out my door that was sold as a Pastel.

I don't know, and honestly, I'd rather just sell it as whatever and if it happens to be, Congratulations! I'd rather it be that way then sell it as one and have it not be, right?

Seeing as how this is my first year producing them, I am pretty sure I will get the hang of it.

This one was a "duh", as you can see from the head. This is very similar to my breeder male, who looks like he has a white head. The same could be said for this female as well.

I'm excited to see what I can do with them over the next year or so. Plans being what they are, they do not have any specific boyfriends as of yet.

Too many possibilities.

Anyway, pairings occured last night, and I hope to have some more awesome coupling photos to share.

Have a great day, my friends!

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