Thursday, December 13, 2012

Contrast and Breeding

Contrast is the spice of the color world when it comes to Ball Pythons. I am lucky enough to have a few animals that span the spectrum, and I love comparing them.

The photo above is of the Silver Bullet and the Super Pewter. I LOVE these two critters, and I can't wait to actually use them for some rocking projects.

The difference that one additional lightener gene makes! The Super Pewter is a Super Pastel Super Cinnamon (or Black Pastel), and the Silver Bullet is a Pastel Super Cinnamon (or Black Pastel). One additional Pastel gene, and the colors change like magic.

This is true for the Sterling (Super Pastel Cinnamon (or Black Pastel) and the Pewter as well. The color difference is stunning.

(NOTE: Yes, I am aware that there are different names for the morphs depending on the Cinnamon versus Black Pastel gene involved. For the sake of simplicity, I wanted to define them as above... Too many complicated morph names make people's heads spin! Feel free to correct in comments, but honestly, I like defining them by gene now a days... It's easier.) 

The Cinnamon and Black Pastel genes are some of my favorites, and I really do love playing around with them.

Case in point...

Here we have my Black Pastel Pied with a Het Pied female.

I love the idea of more Black Pastel Pieds, and making a Panda Pied is just making me tingly just thinking about it. That may be in the works this year, depending on a few things.

Black Pewter

And of course, the other magic that can be made with the Cinny/Black Pastel genes, including this  Black Pewter female, who was getting her photo taken for the availability page.

I did take some other photos as well, including that of the Solar Flare, which I will get into on it's own separate day. (And yes, it's mine, produced with my animal)

More photos and info to come, my friends.

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Amazing snakes and blog Heather! A friend referred your website to me.

Question I was asking a friend, when you have BEL complex animals in your collection- can it be difficult sometimes to distinguish hatchlings? For example I have mojaves, phantom and mystics, as well as potions. I'm being as careful as possible in my future breedings so that I know which males have been with which females in order to be sure of the offspring. There is so much variation/range of phenotypes amongst the complex animals

Heather Wong said...

Hatchlings tend to be easier than adults, actually... It really does depend on the morph though. Mystics and Phantoms are hard, mojaves are cake.