Tuesday, December 4, 2012

That was Fast...

So 2013 Breeding Season, yeah?

I believe I mentioned that I paired up on the 2nd of this month for the first time, which is technically of these photographs being taken, around 24 hours ago.

Here is what I found 24 hours later!

This here is my Albino male with a Het Female, both of which were up for sale, but now... not so much!

Albinos are always a great fun to hatch. Bring on the Albinos!

Below, we have my Firefly with a Pastel Lesser female virgin. 

He seems to like her a lot though. They should make some awesome looking babies, if they could stop being so dirty all the time.

I had to move the water bowl for this shot, and of course, they had dumped some of it out already anyway...

This here was not a confirmed lock, since I didn't see any flesh anywhere, but this is my Lemonblast het Albino with an Albino. Should be an interesting outcome, as I have never hatched out Pastel Albinos before, much less Lemonblast Albinos. Fingers crossed that eventually I will have that conundrum!

And last but not least, my Silver Bullet male, Lucky, getting frisky with a large Het Red Axanthic girl.

Here's to more Gargoyles and Pastel Gargoyles and the like.

So this is looking pretty positive already, considering the fact that this is 24 hours into the season.

In the next few days, I hope to be able to showcase more breedings... but until then, I shall see what I can do!

Have a great day, my friends!


Jackie said...

Hey Heather, what substrate do you breed on? I believe you mentioned Sani-chips sometimes getting wedged up inside the male's vents and causing issues. So I've been using paper, but it's driving me NUTS with the cleaning.

Are there any other substrates besides Sani-chips that are slightly less dangerous?

Anonymous said...

awesome pairings heather! ive been getting some nice locks as well, especially with the rain and drops in pressure. whats your biggest female and biggest clutch size?