Thursday, September 25, 2008


I hate problem feeders. They are frustrating and annoying.

I have a pastel female who has been on a hunger strike ever since she laid me seven beautiful eggs. They have subsequentially hatched, and Momma has yet to eat (That's two months, people!!).

I've tried everything! Rats, Mice, live, pre-killed.. She is just NOT interested.


Time to give her a change of scenery.. She will be living in a smaller tub to give her a sense of security. That usually does the trick. Lets cross our fingers!

The good news is that the Mojaves are coming out. I know I have at least one girl Mojave, and two normals (which I didn't sex). The rest are still chilling in the egg.

Feeding day went well, and in the next couple of days when I am actually going to be able to focus on the snakes more than everything else in the world right now, I will take some better pics of some good stuff, and have another photo/info session.

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