Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I shipped out a large group of animals yesterday, and I have to say I am pleased to have the space.

Now the hatchlings can have more space to roam!!

Now to only make more...




I didn't take any pictures last night, just had the regular cleaning and junk.

To be honest, with everything I am trying to accomplish these next couple of days, snake updates may be rather on the boring side.

I will see if I can fit a photo session in so that it breaks up the monotony.

Any suggestions?? (I will still do the shipping photos, I just didn't do it yesterday)

I feel like I may run out of ideas... As I only have so many snakes before the photos get repetitive.

Cleaning was actually relaxing last night, as I have been having little barbs of stress coming in and out of the daily routine with still dealing with the car and stuff.

Snake babies are great for my sanity.

Now buying a car is not.


I want my Ruby back.. (Ruby was the name of my Corolla)

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