Monday, September 29, 2008

FAIR-ly good weekend.

Joel and I went to the fair this weekend, after getting tired of looking at cars. Here are a couple of the reptiles I saw.

I was suprised to see any, to be quite honest, but they had a couple!


My friend Crikey the Croc (I named him...)

Some type of snake that was supposed to represent the praries.. Pretty!


HUGE RABBIT!!! Can you imagine how many people that thing could feed?

Overall we had a lot of fun.. Last day of the fair, lots of people, and we had a good time hanging out just the two of us.

Had wayyyy too much to eat. Those turkey legs are dangerous!!! And although I was thinking about it (not seriously), Deep Friend Pop Tarts are not something I indulged in.

And to round about the whole "snake" blog, here are the eggs that were laid on the 25th.

Lets all pray to the snake gods that they are Enchis!!! (I need a couple more...)

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