Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good luck, Beebs!!!

Today is just another ordinary day for me.

Less stressed out now. In the process of getting a car found and purchased. Things are getting settled again.

Snakes are being snakey.

Feeding day should be soon, but I haven't decided when.

Hatchings are on hold again until next week, I believe.

So, little to add other than trying to get things in order.

Pastel picture to break up the lack of news...

Sooner rather than later, I will take more pics and make things look more exciting!

Hatchings are almost over. The last clutch is in the incubator, and there is one more due to lay, and then I'm done!

(What am I going to ramble about after everything is hatched???)

Good luck, honey, on your test. I know you will do fine...

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