Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Red hot

Yesterday, after the Pastel incident, I decided to get out and play.

The Joel and I went out to play Softball with a group of friends. I got to slide around and hit the ball and have fun.

But I got burned.

I feel it.


Other than Racoon eyes and some red shoulders, I am in good spirits.

I do not regret getting those pastels at all. They are actually pretty kick ass now that they've had time to color up. After the first shed, I'll be looking forward to seeing the colors.

But, today is a good day for another reason.

Now that I have pastels out on the ground, I can say with almost certainty that the "Pastel" I hatched out a couple of weeks ago is an Enchi.

Here is Dad.


Baby again

Why do I say this now?

Cause compared to the baby and the pastels that hatched out, there are some stark differences. AND today, I believe there to be more Enchis hatching out, so that I can make a for sure diagnosis as to the morph itself.

So today is Pre-Enchi day. Enchi day will be when these kids come out of the egg and show me what is going on.


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