Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Apologies and Moonshine

I didn't get back to Los Angeles until 2AM Monday morning, which does not bode well for blogging.

This also doesn't include the 8 hour day I had at work that day (yes, I have a full time job as well).

So, I failed you all by not posting up anything on Monday.

I apologize.

So now, I have limited time to share with you a few tidbits of my trip to Virginia and later, more than likely tomorrow, Washington D.C.

So we were in Virginia with my best friend's family, and we decided to take a trip to a distillery. I want to preface anything else by saying, yes, I realize that I have shared with you on the blog several other ventures in alcohol, including the wine bottling from a few years back. I am not an alcoholic by any means, I just find it interesting.

So we went to Belmont Farm Distillery. They make Virginian Whiskey out of Corn.

Moonshine, to be frank.

And we learned how to make it (kinda).

Here is Chuck, our guide, the man behind the magic. He showed us the tubs in which he cooks up the Shine. Something about Corn meal, yeast, cooking in the Copper Kettle and pure water.... and several weeks of purification.

His own personal collection, of course...

The bottling area...

And the machinery that is required to bottle, cap, label and etc...

All very fancy, but old. Chuck was very proud to have older equipment on hand.

But before the bottling, the ageing. 
Depending on the type of Whiskey, the barrel aged stuff stays aging for two years before bottling. 
Moonshine doesn't need that kind of treatment, but the brown stuff (ala Jack Daniels) that you and I are used to seeing needs some time to simmer. 

They make the only Applewood Smoked Whiskey in the country, so he said. And it is gooood.
But unfortunately, there was no tasting there. We had to buy a bottle and sample at home.

Damn you, misleading sign...

Oh well. It was a beautiful place, and you all should go and check it out if you get a chance.


They keep to the old tradiations, and even have this cool old car I had to take pictures of!

Authentic battle damage!!!

So pretty and green... I really enjoyed being out there.

So with that, and no snake news to share, I bid you a fantastic day, my friends. Tomorrow will be an ode to the Bro Bro and his Juris Doctor degree.

And hopefully some snake stuff. Maybe a shed quiz.



Colin Weaver said...

It hurts me that you were so close and didn't come to visit. The pain.... You came 2,600 miles and...

Heather Wong said...

Oh Colin, I wish I could have. I did not have any mode of transportation at all other than what others provided.

But the good news is that my brother will be living out there for a while, and I got NO touristy things done.

So another trip (with visits to friends) is in the cards soon!