Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shed Quiz answers and a break

Well, this will be my last blog of the week.

I'm leaving for the rest of the week for Washington DC where I will be the proud big sister of a graduating law student.

So to tide you over, I will give you the quiz answers. I am actually compiling more photos of other morphs, but for now, I'm going to let that happen later.

Shed number one: Sable

Shed number two: Caramel Albino

Shed number three: Black Pastel

Note that the pictures of the animals that are being provided now are not necessarily those of the animals that had shed recently. I tried to find the pics of the actual animals, but I failed. 

I hope you enjoyed the game, and know that there will be another on Monday/Tuesday when I get back.

Have a fantastic week, my friends!


Eventide said...

Yay! Got two out of three! That was fun!

Have a good time in DC!

Jackie M. said...

ARgh, caramel albino!