Friday, May 28, 2010

Shed Quiz and Happy Long Weekend!

So the answers to yesterdays shed quiz were apparently pretty obvious due to the clues I provided. Maybe I should make them harder, eh?

Shed One was a Spider 
As I mentioned, it was one of the easiest ones. You could see the pattern pretty clearly in the shed itself.

Shed Two was a Firefly.

I have to say that when I took this shed and rolled it out, I was shocked at the contrast of the pattern and the darker areas. Apparently the brighter the contrast, the more obvious it is in the shed. Keep that in mind for other shed quizzes.

And here are a few more sheds to figure out. 

Shed One: Desert

Shed Two: Dark

These should be kinda straight forward, but with less clues, lets see what people come up with! 

Have a fantastic long weekend, my friends....

1 comment:

Krystal said...

1. Mojave.

2. Dark, eh? Already done a Sable and a Black Pastel. So...I don't know. Do you have a Super Sable?

Have a great weekend!