Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I lied

After I typed up the Moonshine blog, ready to go to bed, I went into the snake room to double check to see if I missed anything.

I had yet to really go thru every girls tub, and although I had marked the tubs for the house sitter that would be egg-ing soon, I didn't even glance at them until a few minutes ago.

And here it is.

I should be more vigilant, but I am about to pass out.

See?? I can't even write correct G's.


But the proven het genetic stripe girl from last year who made those awesome complete striped boys for me last year has now laid five beautiful eggs this year, early!

I am very pleased, and I hope to have my female G-stripe in there somewhere...

And after rebuking myself for not paying more attention, I found my Cinny female, the one I could not decide on what to do with, ovulating as well. Not a great angle shot for ovulations, but... I promise. She is.

And yes, I did decide what to do with her. Cinnies het Pied, babbayyyy!!

So, there really was snake stuff to talk about. I just didn't know about it yet.

Have a great day, my friends.

1 comment:

Krystal said...

I sure hope you get your female this year!!! A nice, beautiful, full-stripe female!

The little male I bought from last year's clutch--Bromine--is doing great! He's only refused food a couple times...and is currently pushing 400 grams! :D