Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shed Quiz

Which sheds belong to which animals?

I have to say that I'm tempted to be more difficult than what I had originally planned, as I was going to post up the animals photos as well as the sheds, but I think it will be more entertaining if you guys just guess and see who wins, and I will post up the answers tomorrow.

Shed number one is a dark one, and I talk about the power of this morph often.

Shed number two is a light one, but it is not completely clear. I couldn't get a perfect shot of the pattern, but it is very very slightly there.

Shed number three's pattern is pretty obvious in the shed itself. Just look closely.

So you want a few hints?

Two are dark morphs, one is from an animal I produced myself a few years back and a lot of people enjoy its super form. The other is one that Eric founded. The clearer one is similar to an Albino, but not quite...


Enjoy the game, my friends!


Jackie M. said...

um! Sable, super mojave, black pastel?

Eventide said...

The lack of the first one has me stumped, but I'm gonna say Sable.

"Similar to an Albino but not quite"? Ack. No clue. I'd say Snow, but you haven't produced one yet. A Crystal, maybe? (I thought you sold that one...though I could be mistaken.)

Number three initially looked like a Mojave pattern, but if it's a dark morph, I'm gonna go with Black Pastel.

Jackie M. said...

wait, can I change my first vote to Lucky, and my third vote to Chipo?

Eventide said...

Meant to "The lack of pattern in the first one [...]" Don't know where the word "pattern" went.

Eventide said...

"Meant to say [...]" Dangit, why am I randomly dropping words?! ARGH.

Jackie M. said...

(what the heck is "like an albino"? Pewters aren't like albinos. Pastels aren't like albinos. Ghosts are sort of like albinos, but we decided their shed really are clear? Argh.)