Thursday, May 27, 2010

Graduation recap and Shed Quiz

So I finally get to touch on the Graduation of my little brother, the reason I went away and got to enjoy the East Coast.

He got his Juris Doctor from American University in Washington D.C. on Sunday of this past week, and the commencement was very entertaining.

Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States, was the commencement speaker.

Hey look, It's Eric Holder. The picture is not the best, but... oh well. We were far, and my camera doesn't do good indoor closeups.

But it does do good closeups of cameramen in front of us. Apparently the Attorney General was worth filming by the local news.

Cool, eh?

And the proud graduate, with his proud sister and the Joel.

Fun stuff! 

Anyway, back to snake stuff. There are no new shocking egg clutches, so I am now dedicated to sharing some sheds with you.

These two are the easiest of the bunch that I have taken, so I'm not going to give many clues.


Shed number one. Creepy crawly.


Shed number two. You see them on summer nights, blinking over fields. 

That is all for today. More tomorrow. Guess on, my friends. 

Have a fantastic day!


Royal Morphz said...

Spider and Fire Fly. Only because of you hints.

Jackie M. said...

I can actually see the spider pattern, but there's no way I would have guessed the firefly.

Eventide said...

What Royal Morphz said. :P

My initial guesses were both wrong....