Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What is a clear shed?

What is a Clear Shed?

I keep seeing in the forums, references to clear sheds when people are asking about morphs.

"It is more than likely a morph if it sheds clear"

"It's a Hypo (Ghost) if it sheds clear"


"Something something Clear Shed!"
for those that are trying to sound knowledgeable and really have no idea what they are talking about.

Well, let me put it to you straight, my compadres. 

Below you see two sheds. One is more dark, and one is white.

The dark one is from the poss het Pied from yesterday. She is a "normal".

The other is from an Albino. She is a morph.

Now, let us distinguish and complete the picture for you between the two.

Yes, some morphs shed clear. 
Clear in this definition as to mean that there is a lack of color in the shed itself.

What other morphs shed clear?

Hypos, Albinos, combinations of said morphs and a few others, but most of the morphs that do have very light to no pattern. 



Again, one of those points that is pretty interesting, but puts a cog in the intellectual expansion of some people in terms of what defines a morph. People get stuck on this point, and don't get over it, and only believe that all morphs shed clear. 


So I hope that has educated some in terms of this issue, and also to show you the difference between a clear shed and one that is not with visual imagery. 

I try to incorporate that as much as I can. I'm a visual learner for the most part, so this would help me if I were a noob. 

So hopefully it did for some of you.

Have a fantastic clear day, my friends. Or maybe a dark day. Whatever floats your boat.


Jackie M. said...

pied sheds, especially medium-white pied sheds, are really cool, though!

Jackie M. said...

hey, Heather! are you making enchis this year? ....I'm starting to think maybe I want one? And that pastel and pewter I got from you are real champs.

Krystal said...

I always thought it was just Hypos as well, but now that I think about it, Albinos (and others) make sense. The Hypos don't have black pigment, so their sheds are clear...which means that any morph that does not have black pigment will shed clear as well, such as Albinos, Leucistics, Ivories, and maybe lighter morphs like Lessers, Butters, Killer Bees, Super Blasts, etc.

Heather Wong said...

Leucistics and Ivories, yes. Lighter morphs are less dark in terms of shed, but do not shed clear.

I will take some pictures of sheds that I can find over the next few days to share it. Would be interesting to see. :)