Thursday, May 13, 2010

Still breeding

There are still locks going on, and still glowing and still developing and so forth. It's still early yet, so I am seeing the span of the gamut in terms of breeding.

The locks, of course...

Those that are again, just getting the hang of it, but getting pretty cocky... Look how angry he is that I'm bothering him!!!

(Please ignore the bad shed on that girl... They were locked up, so I couldn't remedy the situation)

And of course, the Glow. Looks like a completely different snake, doesn't it??

And various stages of gravid development.

This gal is in the earlier stages, but what I'd like to call the flat tire. She is flat and fat, but a pointed spine towards the end of her body. She has at least another couple of weeks before I anticipate anything, if not more

And of course, the last span of time before eggs... Look how miserable she looks.

Again with the flat tire, but much more pronounced from the sides. She is wiggling around to get comfortable, but with six eggs in her, I can't imagine how she can be!

Hopefully she will lay this week or next. But also hopefully before we leave for Washington DC.

We shall see.

So there you go. Still breeding, still waiting, still taking random pictures.

Have a fantastic day, my friends!

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