Monday, September 13, 2010

Anahiem Part One

Okay, it is 11:20PM on Sunday, I am just settling in from the show, and I am going to go day by day on the show stuff so that I can make this easy for me so that I can go to bed.

Part one is SET UP- Friday Night:

This year, I got put in the side, which is not the best place to be...

But we went ahead and got both booths (I needed two this year) together and setup. The banner got hung up on the curtains that they provide, and the tables got arranged appropriately.

The acrylics from the Reptile Emporium were put up and prepped, including the towers. Acrylics are a hard thing to work with, as they scratch pretty easily, but when packaged well in boxes, they are fantastic to work with!

Then the table skirt was finally found, and put on the tables. Looks pretty snazzy now, huh? Jasmin was standing behind the booth when I took this picture, sporting her kickass Heather's Herps shirt. Not everything was setup yet, but most of everything was done at the time.

Fast forward to Sunday Morning, which is unfortunately the only time I remembered to take a picture of the whole booth after everything was setup.

Tim and Lewie were hanging out in the front with Colette Sutherland, and The Joel and Pat were kicking it in the back, getting ready for the doors to open for the crowds.

General recap of the show:

It was a great spectator show. Lots to see, there was even a Tiger!

But in terms of people buying, there were people there, but not many. Many small end things sold like hotcakes, but in the end, it was not a spectacular selling show for me, which it usually is. I was a tad bit disappointed. I came home with more animals than I expected, so that was interesting.

Lots of famous people stopped by, Donald Shultz was there, I got a photo with him, and Leonardo DiCaprio was walking thru the show as well. I did not take a photo with him, he was trying to be incognito.... But it was fun overall, worth being there, and had a great time meeting people and talking shop.

Tomorrow will be Show Animal Spectacular!

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